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Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
quote cool. ron has something a little less inspiring. >> well, this is unusual. i was messing around on the internet yesterday, and i came across this video out of
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
a number of couples and in the process, she met a man named ron. >> ron, a local, married physical therapist. >> she started working with him and got to know him and saw how funny and animated he was and how that made her feel. she really did call it a true love moment. >> and he seemed to feel the same thing about her? >> oh, yeah, they really clicked together. >> oh, they did. oh, boy, did they ever and stephanie, dancing on air. her whole world upended. >> she didn't realize there could be love like that. >> the secret from her family, of course, but she told her friends she found her soul mate. >> it was almost odd how she told a number of us, i just want you to know i'm very happy. >> but joy and misery come in pairs sometimes. as thanksgiving approached, chaos took over. it was a wednesday, middle of october, when thicks started piling up. >> horrendous day for her. she went to work that day and the county laid off 20 people that day. >> including stephanie. in fact, her troubles and secrets seemed to pile up like the snow. >> she was behaving a little bit spring traini stran
Oct 20, 2012 4:30am PDT
.d.s but not stopping voters if they don't have one. joining me now jim burn which opposes the law and ron reuben, director for the pennsylvania department of state which backs it. good morning to both of you. this is a very interesting topic. getting a lot of attention. ron, i want to start with you, though, first. yesterday the aclu filed a motion with this same judge saying that the show-it campaign that says photo i.d.s are still required is being publicized while making a small disclaimer that you can vote without a photo i.d. what are you doing to counter this messaging that a lot of folks are calling misleading? >> in litigations and i'm constrained what i could say about that. however, since the judge ruled october 2nd. we have revamped our outreach campaign to follow the judge's ruling which you said, randi, will have poll workers asking i.d. and you can still vote by regular balt and the judge was very specific in his ruling that this education campaign should continue because right now that law is in effect for future elections. so, our campaign is saying now that you'll be asked to sh
Oct 27, 2012 9:30pm EDT
>> 14 meet and one for my aunt. >> i spell that ron? -- ron? wrong thank you for coming nice to meet you. that is fine. that is why there of hughes psychos. >> your name is john? why did it in you leave oklahoma? there is a lot of oil out there. >> guide joined the military >> thank you for your service. >> technically, no pictures. you can do them while i am assigning. i hear that all lot. by before father's day. happy birthday. nice to meet you, meredith. >> there work at the center for public justice. and a organization promoting social injustice. >> good for you. it was formed in the '70s. >> i have not heard of that before. i will look into it. hello. thank you i am getting these four family. >> ice jams -- i am in sales. i will be honest. it is very nice to meet you. >> you should hang out where they are selling the books. >> and caisse i need dental work. >> do have an accent? thanks for coming. >> [inaudible] >> win is his birthday? >> halloween. thank you last night i saw the romney and paul ryan. >> night before even. [laughter] >> you did it with that? what happen
Oct 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
nbc polling numbers out just tonight on this race we want to begin with nbc's ron mott in danville, kentucky, tonight, good evening. >> reporter: hey, brian, to you, vice president joe biden will be there at that table, paul ryan the other table. congressman ryan comes into this debate, riding the republican wave of momentum the forward progress is what vp biden hopes to stop in its track. before taking off today, vice president joe biden was in a boxing mood, hinting he wouldn't be the one on the ropes tonight. congressman paul ryan got the rock star treatment tonight, walking the rope line, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. it is the second stage for joe biden. but many are questioning just which joe biden will show up. the emotional guy next door type. >> i don't know what it is like to have a child you're not sure is going to make it. >> reporter: or the feisty guy. they are going to put you back in chains >> i mean, this guy just is not bright he was not at his best last week against mitt romney in denver, the president admitted. there was pressure to score, the mar
Oct 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
begin with ron mott traveling with the campaign in ohio, good evening, ron. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you, as you can see behind me, governor mitt romney behind me in front of a very big crowd, about 8500 people, we're told. and we can tell you there is more confidence in the air around the republican ticket tonight, very pleased on how congressman paul ryan handled himself last night against a very seasoned debater, joe biden. reunited again after what the romney campaign says was a big win in kentucky last night, in a 90-minute marathon of disagreements over everything from social security and taxes. >> it has never been done before. >> reporter: the candidates fought over whether the obama administration dismissed security concerns at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> we were not told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> reporter: it was topic number one, a charged moment in the night for the wisconsin congressman. >> ronald reagan -- >> oh, now, your jack kennedy. >> reporter: as predicted by the campaign, the vice president came out gr
Oct 11, 2012 11:30am PDT
eat some deep dish pizza. >> i met a wonderful ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays for some costs original medicare won't. now they can keep making memories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include prescription drug coverage with your monthly premium. get the freedom to keep the doctors you already trust. if you're eligible for medicare we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. you only have until december 7th to enroll. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> good morning. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. cheryl jennings is off. >>> michaela garecht in hayward was taken in 1988 when she was nine. police are testing a bone fragment fond in a mass gra
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
. and ron madison is covering the meeting for us. ron, what its the view like today? >> yuko, you might see behind me, the view is quieter. many are in sendi attending meetings. business as usual. economists trying to push the leaders of developed economies down a prudent path. weighed some of the risks and say confidence pretty much everywhere is still pretty fragile. economists release global financial stability report, checkup of the financial system. >> the choice today is between making the necessary but tough policy and political decisions or delaying them once more in the false hope that time is on our side. it is not. >> the man there says it is time for governments off to act. he said the biggest risk is the euro zone. private sector money pulled out from peripheral economies in the region back into the core ones. that is pushing up borrowing costs for government, banks, countries, italy and spain. this he is says feeding a further downturn to. reap ver to reverse the situation is well timed fiscal consolidation and they need to do this reducing excessive debts. economists fame siz
Oct 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
bank. and ron madison has been watching the meetings all week. ron, tell uh what is happening there today. >> reporter: we have been reporting on their, attempts to solve their economic challenges all week. in terms of reporting talking about that for quite a few years now. it is something to see hundred of people, some of the leading financial mind in the world to walk into a conference hall and all sit done together. today they filed into the plenary session at tokyo international forum and addressed the challenges of the debt crisis and the effects of that face to face. the director of the international monetary fund, challenged kol le ed colleague crisis behind them. urged them to complete the reform and in making changes urging them to remember those who are less privileged. >> there is a tough road ahead to transform your optimism. my optimism, your optimism into reality. but it can be done. >> world bank president kim, laid out three scenarios for the next few years. in the first countries would continue toing pro ing prprogre they're doing. progress he said is not good
Oct 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
comments about rape, but will the voters? keli goff and ron christie join me. >>> mitt romney is running for his strength on his business record, but his record of outsourcing is and should be very troubling to american workers. we'll list all the details when it comes to outsourcing and what his career has really been about. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using #edshow. we're right back. >>> hello, iowa. >>> hello, iowa. hello, colorado. hello, nevada. how's it going, tampa? hello, virginia. >> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. those are some of the places president obama has been campaigning over the past 48 hours. the perception that mitt romney had some kind of momentum has simply dissipated. today former secretary of state colin powell joined the obama bandwagon again endorsing the president for a second term. powell was clear and cutting in his opinion of mitt romney. >> not only am i uncomfortable with what governor romney is proposing for his economic plan, i have concerns about his using foreign policy. the governor who is speaki
Oct 29, 2012 4:30pm PDT
francisco will be the focal point of events leading up to the sunday game. >> ron conway, one of our committee members. >> our competition is miami. the statement is over an hour away. it is the same situation. >> i think the -- >> past super bowls have taken place where you have to travel to the stadium so we feel we are okay in that regard. that is a great point. someone. >> joe want to speak to the travel or issues? >> joe dalton with san francisco travel. the region can accommodate this. we are making sure it is a regional benefit. the businesss in san francisco will benefit and we will see job creation and tax generation but also we will see it down the peninsula and throughout the region, as daniel said. we can accommodate it, we have accommodated events before. the super bowl last time was in stanford away and san francisco was the host and regional event. we are looking forward to it and the benefit this region will get from hosting the super bowl. >> the nfl will have the super bowl at meadowlands, outside new york -- how far santa clara is. could be the first snowy super bo
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, judy miller, michael goodwin, and ron crispy, next. -- ron kristi next. lou: joining me now the a-team, judy miller, and "new york post" columnist michael goodwin, and ron christie, you and i share so much. good to have you all here. you're reaction judy. if you will, secretary clinton taking responsibility saying the buck stops with her, not like hairharry documents truman saidt are you shocked. shocked. >> a little surprised in i don't think that hillary wants this to be part of her legacy, it is however the good scout thing to do, if you are protecting the president and you want him to be reelected. lou: if only richard nixon could find a good scout. >> he didn't havv a woman 92 that is true. lou: they were lacking in courage. >> this is strange coming out of the woodwork this way. without expectation or what it means, why is she saying ttis, what should she have known. i don't think this ends the political bleeding, i don't think it will answer all of the questions, it does put her in play, and puts onus on her to explain why she made the statement. lou: judy, you shake your h
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am EDT
, we go to mr. ron claiborne. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dan and bianna. breaking news from right here in new york city. five terror suspects extradited from britain are on new york soil. the men arrived in new york city early this morning. two will be in court later today in connecticut. the best known of them is abu hamza al masri. he is charged for trying to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon and helping to abduct hostages in 1998. >>> and we have breaking news out of the vatican, that scandal that rocked the vatican. pope benedict's butler convicted this morning of stealing the pope's private documents and leaking them to a journalist. abc's lama hasan joins us with all of the details from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, ron. today, the three judges presiding over this case took just an hour and ten minutes in deliberations. and the verdict, guilty of theft. now, the pope's butler, paolo gabriele, has been sentenced to one year and six months in an italian prison. that's less than what was expected, which was a sentence of four
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
you say that little louder, candy? >> tonight, chris cofinas and ron christie on the right wing lies. >> declaring something on act of terror does not mean you're calling it a terror attack. >> this changed the debate. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the obama team showed a fighting spirit today on the campaign trail. the president is trying to hold his lead in key battleground states including new hampshire, where he held a rally in manchester. >> 19 days, new hampshire. 19 days. in 19 days you're going to step into a voting booth and you've got a big choice to make. it's not just a choice between two candidates or parties. it's about two different visions for this country that we love. >> president knows he is in a battle in this one. the national polling average by real clear politics shows mitt romney with a one-point lead over president obama. most polls do not fully reflect public opinion since tuesday night's debate. we're going to have to wait a few days to find out exactly if the debate caused changes at all in the polling. president obama is
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> thank you, becky. and did you a remarkable job last night. so congratulations on this. we're here a ron baron, marking the 30th anniversary of his company. and as he does every year, he's bringing together his investors and the company he invests in for a day long sdwugs. we'll be hearing from ron, but we'll then talk to some of the leaders of some of the most successful investments that he hyatt hotel, carlyle group,ower and then steve wynn. >>> jpmorgan chase and wells fargo both set to post quarterly results before the bell. those will be closely watched given the earnings report so far this quarter have dictated the trading in the averages. and so far a little shaky on the results. so this is important. and japan softbank said to be in talks with three major japanese banks to borrow the $23 billion to finance that bid for splint and as you saw yesterday on this show, news of a possible daily for the u.s. operator first broke here with david faber. softbank has been looking how you to break in to the u.s. market for months. and defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. military co
Oct 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
are on the rise. nhk world's ron madison is covering the imf world bank meetings here in tokyo. >> european leaders find themselves in a sense of debt deja vu. they've wrestled together and separately to solve budget problems. once again, they find themselves listening to some advice. >> the choice today is between making the necessary, but tough, policy and political decisions or delaying them once more in the false hope that time is on our side. it is not. >> he and his colleagues handed in the imf's checkup on the world's financial health. they pointed to no one's surprise, to the malaise in europe. although significant new efforts by european policy makers have allayed investors' biggest fears, they wrote, the euro area crisis remains the principle source of concern. he said member nations need to do their part toward stability. he said weak banks need to restructure their finances. policy makers need to build stronger fire walls and need to establish a banking union with a single supervisor. >> there is already an agreement at the political level to have a banking union in place. the f
Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
firefighter. firrfighterr ron siarnicki, national fallen pighterfighters foundation: fallen fighterfighters ron siarnicki, national fallen fighterfighters foundation: "thii i an important moment when our nation saas 'thank you' to our fallennwhen our nation says is an important impprtant momeet when our nation says 'thank you' o our fallen firefighters who haae died in theeline f dutt."one by one,((seeuence of names)) namms are read.ron siarricki, tte fallen firefighters that we honor is noo just a name. there is a story abbut (cut) what they did for their communiiies. (cut) bbt, most of all they're a member of a storiee. one here in maryland. reader: ""arkkg. falkenhan, department,,unty fire lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkknhan: especiallyyin a setting like - this."falkenhan was killed in the line f dutt last year. christian falkenhan, probational firefiihter: "once he passed awwy, it dawneedon me. i eeinitely have to do it now."his son, pow training to be a family of dozens from around e - the country.gladys falkenhan:: "it is veey emotional to knoww there's a risk
Oct 14, 2012 9:00pm CDT
of the earth. and a fall tradition in chicago. the ron santo walk to cure diabetes. and this year there were some familiar faces in the crowd. break [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. e re y he jumped from a balloon more than 24 mi. above the earth and he landed on his feet >> in roswell, new mexico
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 12:00am PDT
early. it is worth checking her out. and he is so sharp he sleeps in a block. his e book with will ron came outlast week. it is called "the lizard king." and in greece he is considered a kabob. and if hilarity was lotto winnings, i would blow him in atlantic city. siting next to me, he is an actor, a writer and comedian. michael ian black. he is the co author of the book "america you sexy [bleep]." please bleep that later. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i felt something. he jumped from space and didn't land on his face. felix baumgartner if that is his real name made some news landing on his feet after a world record jump from over 128,000 feet above the earth which is something like two miles. the austrian daredevil, is there any other kind, set a bunch of records including highest manned balloon flight and highest parachute jump and the greatest free fall velocity perhaps reaching a max speed of 833.9 miles per hour or over mach1.2 making the first person going faster than the speed of sound. but he failed the record for longest free fall by 17 seconds. loser. while
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
, ron johnson, congressman from the same party who almost came to blows. that's going to be a little later in the show. let me get to our first reads before i get to the governor who is ready to go. vice president joe biden trying to calm down supporters, still upset over president obama's performance last week went with the kitchen sink approach. congressman paul ryan embraced the do no harm strategy. joe for better and worse being joe. >> our adversaries are much more willing tomorrow bra embrace us >> with all due respect, that is malarkey. >> under a romney administer, we will have credibility under this issue. >> vice president biden. >> that's incredible. >> thank goodness we have these sanctions in place. >> oh, god. >> over 100 can criminal investigations have been launched. >> go ahead. >> martha, look -- >> and at one point the vice president seemed to even hold himself back from actually cursing. >> this is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> it means it's simply inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> irish call it malarkey. >> ryan, of course, largely av
Oct 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
in battery park in lower manhattan and ron allen, who joins us from point pleasant beach, new jersey. mr. gray, great to have you with us tonight. you were right at the heart of the devastation in lower manhattan. how are the people dealing with that right now? i know a lot of people have evacuate wad but there's still lot down there. >> good to see how it played out. i think there's still a stunned silence here to be real honest. you know the area and usually there's a buzz, there's an energy on the streets. the power is out. the traffic lights are out. there is no congestion. a lot of the businesses are closed so a lot just looking and not believing what they see at this point. they did come down though to the seawall here to take a look at what happened. the water going into places it had never been here, 14 feet over the wall and into the park, downed trees and what you saw was a lot of lifetime new yorkers getting pictures of those trees with the statue of liberty and never thought they would see anything like this but they are new yorkers and so they're also quick to point out we'r
Oct 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
by campaign spokesperson ron siefert, who is roughly 15 miles from the proposed keystone xl route. protesters just finished an action camp to get more people involved in the protest, and today they plan to hold one of their biggest actions yet. we're joined on the telephone by actor and activist daryl hannah in california. in texas, we're joined by susan scott, who owns land in the area where the xl pipeline will run. she says she came to regret accepting tens of thousands of dollars from transcanada for accessing -- for access to her land after she learned more about the pipeline. we welcome you to "democracy now!" let's begin with ron siefert. explain what is planned for today and overall, give us the story of what is happening in winnsboro, texas right now. >> winnsboro, texas people have been occupied ioccupying the ar, beginning their fourth week today. individuals have taken risks to stop construction sites, shutting down construction for days at a time in isolated incidences. not just in wood county, but all over where this pipeline construction is in full swing. today, to show solidar
Oct 13, 2012 8:00am EDT
more on the weather and the deep freeze coming up. back to dan. >> thank you, ginger. ron asked an important question, have you ever played ping-pong with the ball the size of hail? >> think about it. >> nothing to say here. >> by the way, dan, the correct pronunciation for dog in new york is dog. we're here in new york. >> dog. >> dog. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin with the arrests that have been made in connection with the shooting of the courageous pakistani girl that stood up to the taliban. four people have been arrested for the attack on 14-year-old malala yusufzai. she is in stable condition after being shot in the head and neck. for speaking out for educating girls. >>> and nearly two dozen people on a party boat in san francisco bay had a scare when the boat started sinking. the coast guard rescued 22 people on that craft after it struck a rock off of alcatraz and started taking on water. >> we were coming up on alcatraz. check it out. and all of a sudden, boom. like a big jolt. and the cost guard boats came in and got us off. >> nobody was injured in that incide
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am EDT
every morning on this broadcast. i had no idea ron claiborne was a big billy idol fan. >> i am, indeed. and justin bieber fan. >> who knew? >> thanks, ron. >>> good morning, everybody. we want to get straight to the big story this morning. that superstorm. abc's meteorologist, ginger zee, is in florida, tracking what could be a once-in-a-century event. >> sandy has been downgraded to a tropical storm. but that's temporary. this 900-mile-wide behemoth is forecast to become a hurricane again and join forces with a storm. multiple states are issuing emergency alerts. and for many, today is the calm before the storm. the last day to stock up, batten down or just get out of town. >> that's what millions of people are doing, getting out. to give you a sense of what a mess this storm could make, it's expected to slam parts of the east coast with a foot of rain and up to several feet of snow. it's going to last for days, bringing wind damage, power outages and possibly massive flooding in some parts. abc's extreme team is covering all the angles this morning. we're going to start with ginger i
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
richard mourdock's nonapology for his comments about rape, but will the voters? k keli goff and ron christie join me. >>> mitt romney is running for his strength on his business record, but his record of outsourcing is and should be very troubling to american workers. we'll list all the details when it comes to outsourcing and what his career has really been about. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using #edshow. we're right back. [ male announcer ] zeebox is the free app that makes watching tv even better. if your tv were a hot dog zeebox would be some sort of fancy, french mustard. when they magically unite, people would think, "woah, this two dollar hot dog tastes like a fancy eight dollar hot dog." download zeebox free, and say "woah" every time you watch tv. >>> hello, iowa. hello, colorado. hello, nevada. how's it going, tampa? hello, virginia. >> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. those are some of the places president obama has been campaigning over the past 48 hours. the perception that mitt romney had some kind of momentum has
Oct 25, 2012 8:00pm PDT
mourdock's non-apology for his comments about rape, but will the voters? keli goff and ron christie join me. >>> mitt romney is running for his strength on his business record, but his record of outsourcing is and should be very troubling to american workers. we'll list all the details when it comes to outsourcing and what his career has really been about. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using #edshow. we're right back. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure befo
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
to the family of one of paryllnd's fallen firefiihter. fireeighter. ron siarnicki, national fallen figgterfighters foundation: 40.01 "this is an importtnt mommnttwhen our nation says firefighters who have died in the line of duty."one by one, ((sequence of names)))ames are read.ron siarnicki, nattonal fallee fighterfighters foundaaion: 41.08 "each of the fallen firefighters that we honor is not just a name. there is a story about (cutt what they did for their communities. (cut) member of a family."85 names... 85 stories. onn here in maryland. baltimorr county fire nhan, lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkenhan: 34.05 "you miss him, miss him every time you hearrhis name... especiilly in a setting like this."falkenhan was killed in the line of dutt last year.christian falkenhan, probational ffrefighter: 35..14 "onceehe passed away, it dawned on me. i definitely now training to be a firefighter, and widow are one the country.gladys falkenhan: 36.19 "it is very emotional to know there'' a risk that we knew everytime mark leet us to go on a call and now he'' taking that ris
FOX Business
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
day. congressman ryan's big night, the vice president as well, with us tonight is senator ron johnson, strong supporter of wisconsinite, it is all unfolding the way that the producer blockbuster of 2016. dinesh d'souza with us. affirmative action, back before the supreme court. the high court heard arguments today as to whether we can be a colorblind society. shannon bream was there. we will have the report for us coming out. the administration isn't reeling. a president seemingly off-balance. governor romney has taken a slight overall lead in national polls and the president seems to be criticized almost as vigorously by his friends is by governor romney. now we learn the defense secretary leon panetta has sent our troops to georgia. to make a clear statement of support to our jordanian allies and an unmistakable signal to turkey and iran to take some care and some caution. my guest tonight is no stranger to foreign policy. the white house is running from the political fallout and a crumbling middle east. joining us now is k.t. mcfarland. it is great to have you with us. let's start
Oct 27, 2012 5:30pm PDT
approaches. long lines at stores up and down the coast and all the way west to ohio. ron allen has that end of the story for us from point pleasant beach, new jersey, tonight. ron, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, to you, lester. the ocean is about 100 yards in that direction which is pretty close to the town over here. the businesses, the boardwalk and the homes. that's why there will be a mandatory evacuation that will end tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. today was the day to scramble around doing everything possible to be prepared. there is every indication that further inland most people are heeding the warning that the storm could be something extraordinary. they are used to taking on mother nature along the jersey shore where they rolled out the heavy equipment, trying to protect towns from the sea in what forecasters say could be storm surges up to eight feet high. >> because it's so unpredictable, i think we don't know what's going to happen. we are just going to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: the problem is it is just 300 to 400 yards wide at its nay ohhest narro
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